The training program

The whole program, except for Academic, develops on the concept of “on job training”. In each flight, you will share the aircraft with one of our instructors and be trained gradually through progressive steps.

Below is a brief extract of the training course. For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Phase I

Academic~ 10 Hours

Practical: ~15 hours

  • Contact 1
  • Contact 2
  • Solo Flight

Phase II

Academic~20 Hours

Practical: ~50 hours

  • Contact
  • Instrument
  • Formation
  • Low Level/Two Ship LL

Phase III & IV

Academic~30 Hours

Practical: ~75 hours

  • Contact
  • Instrument
  • Basic Formation Two Ship
  • Advanced Formation Two Ship
  • Advanced Fromation Four Ship
  • Low Level Navigation
  • BFM/ACM Intro
  • Surface Attack/AI/CAS Intro
  • Specialized

Different Checkrides are planned during your training course to evaluate your skills.

After passing the third exam, you will receive the Virtual Military Pilot Patent (BPMV) and the authorization to participate in the operational exercises VFS organizes to maintain the proficiency of its pilots.

The Instructors

VFS offers its cadets three different categories of instructors.

Specialized: They are specialized in a specific aircraft or in a specific field, such as Radiotelephony, and follow the student in their specific path. By their very nature, their work is often more theoretical than practical.

Basic: They are fundamental because they are able to provide in a simple and direct way any theoretical and practical basis for the flight and the career of the student starting from scratch.

You will always find them on board their SF-260, ready to make you fasten your seatbelts and to start the challenge of the first 15 hours of study, flight and fun.

Advanced: They complete the training of our students by following them through the longest, most technical and complex process of the last 25 + 25 hours of flight, taking care to provide you with all the basic advanced knowledge on military flight.

There will be no more mysteries when you are on board with one of these instructors, able to lead you to the end of the path that will lead you to obtain the Virtual Military Pilot Patent.