70° Stormo Virtual

The 70° Stormo Virtual is responsible for the basic training of VFS pilots. Through interactive lessons, pilots analyze the fundamentals of flight, navigation and aerobatics. The aircraft designated for training at the 70th Stormo Virtual is the Siai-Marchetti SF260.

At the end of the course at the Stormo, the pilots will receive the BPAV (Virtual Aeroplane Pilot License).

155° Gruppo ETS Virtual

The goal of the 155° Gruppo ETS Virtual is to simulate the operations carried out by the real Italian Air Force counterpart. The group uses the PA-200 Tornado model created by the Italian softwarerhouse Sim Skunk Works.

By flying the IT-ECR aircraft, the group acquires the virtual ability to perform SEAD & DEAD missions. The Home Base of the group is Ghedi (LIPL).

IX° Gruppo C.I.O. Virtual

The primary task entrusted to the IX° Gruppo C.I.O. Virtuall is the surveillance and defence of the Italian Air Space. The virtual pilots assigned to the group carry out their activities using the F-2000A aircraft developed by the Indiafoxtecho software house.

The Home Base of the group is Grosseto (LIRS).


The GRUPAER Virtual was born from the will of five fans for Naval Aviation. From 2020, the group became part of VFS, with the ambition to fully simulate the Italian military aviation landscape.
The aim of the group is to reproduce as much as possible all the activities of naval pilots, from the first steps at the flight schools of the US NAVY to be fully operational at GRUPAER Virtual. Our organization provides all enthusiasts with the opportunity to undertake an exciting and interesting virtual training course of Naval aviation.

Virtual Air Traffic Control Group

The Virtual ATC group trains the air traffic controller for the specific task required for managing military and operational air traffic and support VFS operations.

Other than tower and radar services, the virtual ATCs provide military specific services like GCI (Ground Controlled Interception) and radar approaches (SRA and PAR).

Support Groups

The 14° Stormo Virtual, 46a Brigata Aerea Virtual, 31° Stormo Virtual, and 15° Stormo Virtual support VFS activities by flying AAR, logistic, transport and SAR missions.