1. VIRTUAL FIGHTER SCHOOL (VFS), was created by people whose sole purpose is friendship combined with the same passion for flying. VFS is non-profit, has no advertising or commercial interests, is self-financed with the donations of its users and with the advertising banners placed on their sites.
  2. All content on VFS sites are protected by copyright. Emulation, theft and the use of texts, images and programs contained therein are prohibited without prior written permission.
  3. The user who subscribes to VFS accepts this regulation on in its entirety.
  4. The data recorded at the time of registration are shown in the appropriate user list; the data provided are used exclusively for the management of the site, in compliance with the current legislation as described in more detail in Article 25 of this Regulation.
  5. It is forbidden to use the website, the multiplayer session, the blog and its services as a means of dissemination of:
    • unwanted advertising messages, commonly called “spamming” or “spam”
    • useless messages with the sole purpose of damaging or slowing down the blog
    • messages with offenses to other users, visitors and / or third parties
    • messages containing illegal material, according to the regulations in force in Italy
    • messages coded in such a way as to damage the site
    • messages containing copyrighted material without the consent of the holder of such material
    • messages not related to the topic dealt by the site
  6. They are also deprecated and will be sanctioned with a complaint to the competent authorities and the immediate expulsion from VFS those behaviors that can lead to physical or moral violence, racism, political discrimination, religious, sexual, social, pornographic or are clearly in favor of war, VFS is an association of people against violence and war if not conducted exclusively for defensive purposes.
  7. Each user must always respect other users, blogs and administrators.
  8. Messages with vulgar contents containing insults and crimes, denigration to people, societies, religions and institutions are forbidden. Attitudes and positions of protest against users of the site and abnormally hostile attitudes aimed at the exclusive destabilization of normal and peaceful active participation in the site / blog / session must be avoided.
  9. VFS members are allowed to join other groups, provided they respect the normal rules of fairness and respect for the team they belong to:
    • The managers, administrators and direct collaborators of the group can not in any way operate as administrators, managers or collaborators directed to other groups for the same purposes of VFS.
    • The pilot registered with another virtual airline must promptly inform the managing director or vice-ceo or vice-president of any registration to other airlines as a pilot.
  10. The group is based on mutual collaboration between all the members, each one can forward their proposal and / or request, even if the final decision rests with the manager of all technical and operational skills according to the scheme of who is responsible. The last word if it’s necessary, is from of the owner of the domain and the legal documentation of VFS.
  11. The CEO of the group and owner of the sites, has the right to remove a member for unequivocal behavior deemed rude or that may damage the group itself or any member is part of it, after listening to its close associates and appropriately evaluated the case.
  12. During online flight sessions, the host has the right and the right to exclude players who do not respect the rules or behave in a rough manner.
  13. The virtual flight school is a completely free, purely ludic service, and does not intend to replace any kind of patent, school or real flight academy.
  14. The instructors who offer their service within the virtual flying school, are passionate about the sector that dedicate their activity completely for free.
  15. To follow the lessons are mandatory: Discord, Prepar3D v4.3 Academic, headphones, microphone and appropriate tools (stick and accelerator).
  16. On the decision of the teacher or supervisor responsible, the lessons may be interrupted or canceled due to: lack of seriousness of the student, lack of punctuality, absence not justified for important reasons, suspension for disciplinary reasons of the student, technical problems, causes of greater forces not dependent on the will of the management.
  17. All material produced by any VFS member for the school itself, and must be considered, until a contrary decision of the VFS CDA, made available.
  18. The possible closure of the relationship between the user and VFS does not imply any burden towards those who realized the material that will continue to be the exclusive property of VFS.
  19. Each pilot, at the time of registration, must place his real NAME and SURNAME and all other data required by the registration form. The CEO, the only person authorized to enroll the pilots in the course, has the right to reject the registrations even without any email, for the following reasons:
    • incomplete name
    • name clearly not corresponding to truth
    • person not welcome for previous episodes
    • name already present in the database
    • temporary or non-real e-mail address
    • belonging to another virtual flight group (s), without prior consent of the board of directors
  20. From the moment of registration, the pilot observes an order of rank, each of which qualifying for the use of a specific aircraft and / or classes of aircraft.
  21. The pilot who suspends his activity for a period equal to or greater than 30 days is automatically placed by the system in the list of retired pilots.
  22. After a further 7 days the member manager will be in charge of the definitive cancellation of the pilot from the course (dismissal) unless the pilot declares a valid motivation justifying the absence.
  23. Flight reports (pireps) made by pilots can be rejected if they do not meet the minimum approval conditions decided by the VFS Board of Directors and more precisely:
    • landing rate above -500fpm
    • Number of overspeed greater than one.
    • route flown with an aircraft not qualified to the rank in possession of the pilot
    • flight that does not comply with the ICAOs of departure and arrival established or to which ICAOs have been replaced
    • pirep that shows slew detected
    • pirep that reports aircraft crashed or simulator restart at any point in the log
    • simulation speed not corresponding to x1
  24. VFS has a download section within which are exposed products that may consist of:
    1. free software, processed and / or created by VFS programmers
    2. free software, made available by the author, or available online as freeware
    3. customized items with logo and / or customization of the VFS group
  25. The Pilot who signs up to VFS grants the same consent to the processing of personal data, in full compliance with the current legislation on privacy: EU GDPR EU Regulation 2016/679, Constitution (Articles 15 and 21), Criminal Code ( Chapter III – Section IV).