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An exciting flight training course. From the principles of aerodynamics to the acrobatic-parametric flight in formation. Challenge yourself and learn to fly like a real military pilot!

The activities

Daily flights on Multiplayer Servers, personalized lessons and periodic operative exercises. Give your best, and participate in internal events or coordinated with other virtual groups.

Our Squadrons

Discover our Virtual Squadrons. Whether you like Air-to-Ground, Air-to-Air, logistic support missions, or Air Traffic Control, we got 'em all.

Virtual Fighter School is a virtual flight school on the Prepar3D platform, developed on training program of the Italian Air Force.

VFS pilots and instructors have years of virtual flight experience and a considerable amount of virtual flying hours. In the early years, our team created and managed the military department of one of the largest Virtual Airlines in Italy, then was followed and supervised by a Military Pilot Lieutenant; this fruitful collaboration laid the foundations for the establishment of the new flight school.

Five years after its creation, VFS, thanks to a continuous and passionate path of commitment, study and operation, has made many steps forward and begins to communicate with other realities of virtual and real flight, with the intent to expand its community and Vision to become one of the landmarks of virtual military flight.

VFS is part of and actively cooperates with the IVAO Special Operations Department. This allows both to simulate operations regulated by special laws for military flight, and the collaboration with the numerous flight groups of the vast network of IVAO.

VFS participates in the VATSIM network, taking full benefit of the network’s peculiarities.

Follow us on social media to discover our activities. An image is worth a thousand words!

We also have a YouTube channel where we upload some videos from time to time. For special occasions!

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Unfortunately, at this moment recruitment is suspended due to the high workload of instructors. Feel free to get in touch with us for joining the group in the future.

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